What is the Bash?   The Backyard Barbershop Bash is a party celebrating barbershop quartets in the Baltimore area.  It's held in Lustre's Back Yard, and is hosted by me, Jenny Harris, and my husband Dave, with support from Lustre Quartet. 


Why have a Bash?   I think it's great that we have so many barbershop quartets in the Baltimore area. But as a quartet singer myself, I know that there aren't nearly enough performance opportunities to go around. And as an audience member, I know that attending barbershop shows is fun but can get expensive, due to the rising costs of venues and other factors.  So it seems to me that quartets need more chances to sing, and barbershop fans need more chances to hear barbershop music. I figured, why not have a party and invite quartets to sing and invite people to listen?  The Backyard Barbershop Bash addresses these problems for the benefit of the entire barbershop community!

How will the Bash work?  We're opening our home for a back yard party, and inviting two or three featured quartets to sing.  We'll start the night with an open mic session for any other full quartets who come and want to put out a new song or just enjoy the chance to sing for friends.   If you want to come and hear the music, just come on by!  We'd love to have you!


Do I have to pay to attend?   No!  The party is FREE for everyone to attend. All of the quartets are singing for free, too. If you love the music, we'll gladly accept your donation to be divided amongst the evening's featured quartets.


Will there be food?  Of course!  We'll have food and beverages to share (and will ask for a modest donation to offset costs in that regard.)  Or, you're welcome to bring your own picnic basket if you prefer.


Where will I sit?   The Bash will take place in Lustre's back yard - literally - so you might want to bring lawn chairs or blankets to enjoy the music from the lawn.   

What if it rains?  We have no rain plan in place, unfortunately.  Watch Facebook for cancellation announcements.

Who will be singing?   Each Bash event will have a different lineup of quartets. We hope to have a variety of quartets from the Baltimore (and wider) area. Check out the Bash Pages for each specific event (in the menu bar above) to find out who will be featured on which date.

Can my quartet sing at the Bash?  Yes!  Every Bash will have an Open Mic for any quartet who wants to sing a song.  If you want to be invited to be a featured quartet at a future Bash, just drop me a line here and we'll see if we can work it out.  

What about logistics and directions?  Check the "Directions" page in the menu bar above.

Will there be other Bashes?  YES!  We held our first Bash on August 26, 2017, held four events in summer 2018, and have four dates planned for 2019.  Check out our Dates page to see when the next events will be.  


Have more questions?   Contact me (Jenny) here

Jenny and Dave Harris

The Backyard Barbershop Bash 

isn't a money making venture, a big "event", nor a business.  


It's just us (a barbershopping woman, her understanding husband, and her quartet mates) having a party to share the love of music and harmony with our friends. 

Lustre Quartet and Dave

About Jenny

I'm Jenny Harris, and I love to sing barbershop music!  I joined the Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus (an affiliate of Sweet Adelines International) in 2003, and since then Barbershop has become the central part of my life outside of my family.  I sing Bass in the chorus, am on the Music Committee, am a member of Lustre Quartet, and am the Director of the Arundelair Chorus. I also coach individuals, quartets and choruses, so give me a holler if you want to work together!   Recently I've served on the Region 19 Management Team, was the President of the Region 19 Silver Sorority, and now am serving a 3-year elected term on the SAI International Board of Directors,   I guess Sweet Adelines is my full time job these days!  I couldn't do any of this without the support and understanding of my wonderful husband, Dave.

About Lustre

Lustre Quartet is a barbershop quartet in the Baltimore / Washington DC area. We've been together since 2005 and have had countless hours of fun singing four-part harmony, laughing, and generally becoming the best of friends. In the Sweet Adelines competition world, we've worked our way up from the Novice Quartet Award in 2006, to the SAI Region 19 Champions in 2010, and in Oct 2017 we became the SAI 2018 International Champion Quartet. We're happy and excited to serve the Barbershop community with the Backyard Barbershop Bash!